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The following is a list of subjects we can cover. The list is not exclusive and we are always willing to add new areas. If you do not see what you want then contact us and we will see what we can do.

Destination Features – Country, regional, cities, national parks, and much more

Themed travel – almost any theme you can think of. Some examples might be: adventure, kayaking, hiking, cycling, snorkelling and diving, spa breaks, wildlife and nature

Gastro-tourism – food and travel, an area’s cuisine, from field to table food trails, cookery and/or food tours. In the past we have covered, coffee, chocolate, walnuts; foodie trips to Puglia in Italy and Alentejo in Portugal

Learn to… – acquiring a new skill be it cooking or skiing, diving or photography

Experiences – watching wildlife, kayaking with killer whales,

Reviews – everything from travel kit and gadgets to hotels and airlines.

Top lists – Top 10 sights, six of the best beaches, My fave five eateries in…

Travel tips – travelling with children, best apps,

Quizzes and puzzles – Where in the World…