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Working with Snaps and Scribbles

We provide travel content for print publications and across most online platforms. Snaps and Scribbles can partner with you to achieve your publishing goals in both the print and digital world. This page is about accommodation reviews and what you can expect in exchange for providing accommodation. My current outlets include print publications (UK and International), blogs (our own and other brands) and social media. 

Where will content appear?


I blog at and at my more niche blog I also provide blog posts for the Avanti Travel Insurance’s travel blog which can be found at

Social Media

My social media platforms are: Instagram (@travelunpacked), Twitter (@lethers), Pinterest (lethers) and Facebook Page (travelunpacked).


You can see a brief overview of my “stats” here – Engagement (likes) with each of the posts on the Avanti Travel Insurance travel blog range between 1000 and 4200 with it averaging out over the last few months at 2700. If you require anything further do get in touch and I will try and provide you with the answer

What you can expect

Before – Where appropriate I will post on social media mentioning the destination where am going and the accommodation where I am staying. This would include a link, where the social media platform permits, and hashtags that have been agreed with you.

During – If I can establish and Internet connection I would post my own photos of the property. This would include general shots as well as those details I feel make the place special or unique. These would be accompanied by mini-reviews on aspects of the property. As above these would include a link, if permitted, and the hashtags agreed with you.

After – Soon after the stay I will post a full review on with a link to where the property can be booked. This will be a personal, true and honest opinion piece and will include my own photographs and on occasions one or two supplied by the accommodation owner. [Example:].

I will continue to post on social media with the agreed hashtags and a link, where permitted, to the full review on

In addition to the above I will also be writing a number of blog posts on the area/region/city covering a number of topics. These will contain a mention of the accommodation supplier and a link to the full review. My social media posts on the area/region/city will link to the relevant posts and not directly to the accommodation. However, readers will find the aforementioned link in the main post.

All social media and blog posts will contain some form of declaration that the accommodation was provided by…. or that I stayed as a guest of…. and that I and my readers value my editorial independence and honest reviews.

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If you would like to work with Snaps and Scribbles then contact me and we can discuss your needs and whether we can provide what you are looking for. You can use the form below or, alternatively, you can use emails or telephone numbers which you will find on the contact page

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